Organist and Music Selections

Beverly Bradley


All music is approved by the organist. Even if you are not using the organ (i.e. strings only), she must review and approve your selections.


Please contact Beverly Bradley when you are ready to work on your music selections. 


Our organists are not required to attend rehearsals.  


Tapes or CDs are not permissible.


A sound tech is only available for a visiting officiant if needed. Should your officiant feel the need for a mic, please contact the Wedding Booking Consultant two weeks prior to your date at the latest. An extra fee is involved for the services of a sound tech.


Vocalists and/or instrumentalists may rehearse with organist/pianist one hour prior to the start of the wedding.


Vocalists or instrumentalists contracted through the organist must be paid two weeks prior to the wedding. Individual fees vary. Checks should be made out to the individual and mailed to the church address.



You may refer to the music selection form under the "forms" download on the Resources page as you listen.




Strings and orchestral (fees not included)


Charleston Virtuosi (

Peter Kiral


Trumpet (fee not included)

Greg Schoonover



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