Designated Florists

Weddings at First Baptist will be required to use one of our designated florists:


Branch Design Studio

(843) 847.7996


Vero Designs

Megan Chandler


Lisa Ferguson (photos on this page are Lisa's design) 



You are not required to use these florists for your bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, etc. or reception arrangements, however you may want to inquire about pricing for those needs as well. 


The church does not include this service in the fee; you will be responsible for paying the florist independently.





A floral arrangement in the baptistry to be left for the following Sunday.


The silver urns must be used to fill with the greenery of your choice (you may also choose to use flowers) and will be left for the following Sunday.



  • Furniture and rugs are not to be moved.

  • Stands are available for guest books, etc.

  • No additional electrical lighting (white lights/Christmas lights, etc.) 

  • First Baptist provides all candles for the candelabras and candlesticks (included in the fee).

  • We do not allow the use of an aisle cloth for safety purposes.



When you meet with the florist, you may view and choose from the following arrangements:

  • Two white candelabras

  • Aisle candles

  • Kneeling bench

  • Unity candle (if applicable to ceremony)

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Marriage Ceremony

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