How many guests will the sanctuary seat?

Lower level: approx. 250-300

Upper level: approx. 150-200



Depending on size of vehicles, we usually are able to accomodate approximately 100 cars. Our parking lot attendants will assist guests when they arrive. Off-street parking is also available on the weekends at no charge.



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Charleston Weddings Magazine

Charleston's Finest

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Mandatory Wedding Forms

Please fill out the "Wedding Forms" documents, save and email (or print, fill out, scan and email) by one month prior to your wedding date: 


The forms include the: 

Rehearsal info 

Music selections

Sanctuary set-up


Covenant Ceremony Sample

The sample document is a basic ceremony that may be personalized. If the pastor of First Baptist is officiating your wedding, please contact please contact Lori Putnam, for additional samples.


Ceremony Worship Program Sample

The church office does not format or print wedding programs. A pre-formatted Word document is available below. If you need the graphic of the Mills drawing of the sanctuary, please contact Catherine Brewer.




61 Church Street or 48 Meeting Street?

Your invitation should reflect the sanctuary address which is

located on 61 Church Street. Some invitations include the parking lot address at 48 Meeting Street on the bottom corner in a smaller print.